Shazia Akbar Ghilzai

Shazia Akbar Ghilzai (doctorante)

  • Le titre de la thèse:
Exploring Gender in Transgender: An Analysis of Transgender Narratives and Language Practices in Pakistan
  • Publications:

SA Ghilzai (2017). The Influence of Cognitive and Psychological Factors on the Syntactic Variation of Genitive Constructions: A Comparison of English & Greek Language.  PLLM 2 (1), 111-148.

SA Ghilzai (2017). Sensitivity to Morphosyntactic Features in L2 Sentence Processing: Evidence from Persian, Urdu, and Japanese.  Insights in Language, Society and Culture 2 (1), 86-103.

SA Ghilzai, A Kanwal  (2016). Semiotic Analysis of Evil Eye Beliefs among Pakistani Cultures and their Predetermined Behavior.  Research Issues in Social Sciences 1 (1), 47-67.

SA Ghilzai, A Aniyat (2015). Interruptions – A device to establish control and authority? An analysis of the Psychological function of Interruptions Deployed to Aver Domination in Conversation.  Eurpeon Accademic Research 3 (9), 10100-10116.